Ji.hlava IDFF submission guidelines

  • Submit a completed Entry Form.
  • Provide an online link with the film preview or 1 DVD copy. If you are also submitting your film to the East Silver Market, please provide 2 DVDs.
  • A preview of the film should be in English, in Czech or in Slovak, or should have English, Czech or Slovak subtitles.



  • Deadline for films produced in 2017: March 31, 2018.
    Please note that regarding films produced in 2017, we only accept works that were finished between September and December 2017. As for films produced earlier, only those are eligible for submission that have not been made and premiered in Europe.
  • Deadline for films produced in 2018: May 31, 2018.
  • You can also submit a rough cut of your film by August 25, 2018.



  • If the preview of your entire film is available online, you do not need to send us your DVD. In that case, please provide the internet address and the password to access your film in the field “On-line preview” in the submission form. Due to a large number of submitted films, we do not accept any downloadable links (like Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.).
  • The online preview of your film has to be accessible without any limitation until September 30, 2018. If you change the link or the password, you need to inform us at shipping@ji-hlava.cz, otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will be able to consider your submission properly.



  • Please send your preview DVD marked with the name of the film, runtime, name(s) of the director(s) and with e-mail contact details to:

    Marie Lebedová
    Ji.hlava IDFF
    Vodickova 36
    110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

    (please note on the envelope: "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY").

  • Due to a large number of submissions, we are not able to return the preview DVDs.



  • By submitting the film you agree with the Ji.hlava IDFF's submission guidelines.
  • Unless agreed otherwise, you also agree with the inclusion of the submitted title in the on-site video library of the Center for Documentary Film in Jihlava for study purposes and in the Ji.hlava IDFF's documentary film archive for the purposes of registration and archiving, and for potential use exclusively for non-commercial purposes.
  • Please keep the Ji.hlava IDFF informed of any address/phone or email changes.
  • You will receive regular festival updates in our monthly newsletter.



  • We are able to screen films in the following formats: DCP, 35 mm, 16 mm, video file, Blu-ray, Beta SP, and digibeta.
  • Screening copies must be hard captioned with English subtitles unless the film is in the English language version.
  • The Submitter (director, producer, distributor, etc.) acknowledges that the screening copy of the film must be delivered to the address of

    Marie Lebedová
    Ji.hlava IDFF
    Vodickova 36
    110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

    (please note on the envelope: "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY").
  • The screening copy of the film must be delivered  no later than by October 1, 2018, unless agreed otherwise. If the copy is not supplied in time, Ji.hlava IDFF shall not be responsible for the technical quality of the screening and its smooth completion.
  • The Ji.hlava IDFF covers the costs of a one-way shipment of the film copy only, unless agreed otherwise.
  • The Ji.hlava IDFF will return the screening copy within 4 weeks after the end of the festival and the recipients will receive a dispatch notice, unless agreed otherwise.
  • The festival will contact you about the details concerning the shipment.
  • Prints/tapes are insured as long as they are in the festival’s possession.
  • Promotional leaflets, posters, etc. are welcome. All items must be received by October 10, 2017. 
  • The festival has the right to use shots of the film up to 3 minutes of running time and photos related to the screened film for promotional purposes.
  • All the selected titles may be included in the East Silver Market, the on-site video library for international film professionals which will take place during the Ji.hlava IDFF.
  • All selected titles may be included in the secure streaming system of the East Silver Market developed to grant access to the films to international professionals. Titles will be included in the system for the period of 2 years and protected by password. The streaming database is available to selected industry professionals who attends the market 2018 in person and to the international festival selectors and film industry professionals.
  • Both the video library of the East Silver Market and the online streaming area are searchable market library databases and allow the users to communicate with producers. It is also displayed to producers who viewed their title(s).