Translucent Being: Shinsuke Ogawa

The cinéma vérité, or direct cinema, movement is usually associated with France, Canada, and the United States. In Japan, however, a distinctive filmmaker was working concurrently, masterfully employing the creative methods and aesthetic conventions of the movement in his work. Political inflexibility, sociocritical analysis, and the consequences of testimony are the hallmarks of Shinsuke Ogawa’s filmmaking style. His documentaries excel in their editing, which imbue situations with complex meaning – he can capture even the subtlest figures as characters while telling micro-stories that reflect the nature of the issue being explored.

Legendary Japanese documentary filmmaker Shinsuke Ogawa (1936–1992) created twenty films over the course of a quarter of a century. A constant theme in his work is the belief in the close relationship between film and society: he considered film to be a tool of potential change in political and social movements and fi lmmakers as necessarily engaged in the stories of people impacted by their consequences.

Andrea Slováková

This programme section was made possible thanks to the kindly support of Yamagata IDFF, Athénée Français Cultural Center, The Japan Foundation and The Japan Foundation Budapest.

A Japanese Village – Furuyashikimura

Shinsuke Ogawa / Japan  / 1982 / 210 min.

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26.10.2017 Dukla Edison 11:00

A Report from Haneda

Shinsuke Ogawa / Japan  / 1967 / 58 min.

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27.10.2017 DIOD 09:30

Sea of Youth

Shinsuke Ogawa / Japan  / 1966 / 56 min.

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27.10.2017 DIOD 09:30

Summer in Narita

Shinsuke Ogawa / Japan  / 1968 / 108 min.

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25.10.2017 Dukla Edison 10:00

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