Translucent Being: Marcel Ophuls

Marcel Ophuls (born 1927) is the son of director Max Ophuls. The fate of the German-Jewish family, which fled from the Nazis to France (where they received French citizenship) and then the United States, in many ways determined the subjects Marcel Ophuls chose for his films.

Although his first outings as a director were works of fiction, Ophuls is renowned primarily for his documentary films. He has focused in particular on the Second World War and subsequent bloody conflicts involving Western countries, where he is interested in how individuals respond when faced by evil, in the phenomenon of collaboration, and in the attitudes of and dilemmas faced by prosecutors and people accused of crimes against humanity. He has also focused on the victims of repression and on the activists who, despite the growing tendency to forgive and forget, endeavour to find the truth and achieve justice.

Marcel Ophuls’s documentaries are built primarily around interviews with eyewitnesses and direct participants in the events, combined with archival materials. All four films being shown in Ji.hlava clearly reflect his painstaking research and uncommon ability to earn his subjects’ trust.

Petr Šafařík

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28.10.2017 Dukla Reform 10:00

Munich, or Peace in Our Times

Marcel Ophuls / France ,  Germany  / 1967 / 115 min.

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27.10.2017 Dukla Reform 18:30

The Memory of Justice

Marcel Ophuls / United Kingdom ,  United States ,  France ,  Germany  / 1976 / 278 min.

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29.10.2017 Dukla Reform 13:00

The Sorrow and the Pity

Marcel Ophuls / France ,  Switzerland ,  Germany  / 1969 / 251 min.

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26.10.2017 DIOD 21:00

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