Respekt weekly and Ji.hlava IDFF are looking for the best television, video and online report

Respekt weekly and Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival announced the 12th edition  (2018) of the Respekt Award for the best television, video and online report of the past year. A quality report has to ask questions, get to the heart of the matter and introduce its theme in context. The aim of the Respekt Award is to point out essential report projects of the past year. 


The best report of 2017

The Respekt Award for the best investigative reportage was granted to Janek Rubeš for uncovering fraudulent practices during the exchange of Czech banknotes on Czech streets.

“We eventually decided for Currency Scam by Jan Rubeš about scammers outside exchange offices, raising the question of attractiveness and rules of journalism in the era of social media,” says the statement of the jury composed of editors of the Respekt Weekly.



Respekt weekly summarizes and analyses essential political, economic and cultural news from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. It is renowned primarily for its investigative journalism and reports. Since its foundation, it has maintained the position of an influential weekly of opinion.