Programme 2011

October 26 - 30, 2011

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In 2011, the Media and Documentary seminar was attended by 66 students from 9 Czech and 2 Slovak universities as well as 42 students from Austria who participated in the international section.

Part I held in Czech

Kamil Fila / Review in Daily Newspapers and Online Media
Helena Bendová / Review in Trade Journals
Tomáš Feřtek / Possibilities of Reflection of a Film Festival, Reportage
Adam Zbiejczuk a Jiří Vaněk / Blog
Petr Fischer / Commentary
Vít Janeček / Essay
Andrea Slováková / Text Editing

Part II held in English

Truls Lie, chief editor of the DOX magazine specializing in documentary film, Norway / Film and Criticism - the Case of the European DOX Magazine
Will Tizard, a correspondent of the Variety film magazine, US / From the Edge of the Screen: How Documakers are redefining Hollywood
Elena Oroz, editor in chief of the on line magazine devoted to non fiction Blogs&Docs, film historian and theoretician, Spain / From Printed to Pixel: Documentary in Spain Media