Director Marcel Ophuls and visual artist Kateřina Šedá arrived in Jihlava

Since Friday evening, the Ji.hlava IDFF has been hosting the Oscar-winning director Marcel Ophuls. The best film in the section called A Testimony on Knowledge is the Argentinian title, Panic Attack. Visual artist Kateřina Šedá introduced her project Made in Slavutych. Saturday night will reveal the winners of the 21st Ji.hlava IDFF.  The audience will also be treated to a historical cross- portrait of Lenin and the film Meuthen’s Party mapping the rise of AfD in Germany.

The highlight of the 21st Ji.hlava IDFF was a discussion with director Marcel Ophuls. “I don’t like dealers with the truth, they are arrogant idiots. It’s hard to achieve objectivity, so to me cinéma vérité and Free Cinema seem silly and outdated,” said Ophuls whose films provide a testimony on war events of the past century. “The most important part is the story and the only creative contribution of the documentarian takes place in the editing room. You create the structure of the film and the way you wish to narrate your story,” added the director who will take home Ji.hlava’s Contribution to World Cinema Award. The evening’s programme was also garnished with the screening of Munich, or Peace in Our Times.

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