Ji.hlava explores The Limits of Work and hosts an author of a book about the Ku Klux Klan

The Limits of Work directed by Apolena Rychlíková found its first audience. Polish reporter Katarzyna Surmiak-Domańska sheds light on true nature of the Ku Klux Klan. The award for the best film in the section, A Testimony on Politics, was granted to Last Men in Aleppo. On Friday, Ji.hlava will welcome director Marcel Ophuls and controversial Croatian theatre artist Oliver Frljić.

Day 3 of the festival brought the long-awaited documentary entitled The Limits of Work by Czech filmmaker Apolena Rychlíková. Together with Saša Uhlová, the director revealed the horrendous work conditions at the worst-paid jobs. On her hidden camera, Uhlová captured the working processes at a waste-storing facility, in a hospital washroom and behind a supermarket cash register. “I see it as important that both the reportages and the films can encourage and serve as foundations for activities of others,” said the director referring to her latest film that stirred emotions before it was even premiered. The film was created for the Czech Television series The Czech Journal.

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