Czech DOC.STREAM Project Fostering Collaboration with Swiss Film Institutions

In April 2016, the participants of the DOC.STREAM project visited three Swiss cities – Nyon, Lausanne and Geneva. Key figures representing Czech film institutions, namely the Czech National Film Archive, Czech State Fund for Cinematography, Czech Film Centre, FAMU, Doc Alliance Films and the organiser of the project - Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, took the opportunity to meet with their Swiss counterparts. Aside from that, five up-and-coming documentarians presented their works to international audiences at Visions du Réel’ Generation section.

“I believe that this combination of a formal and informal meeting plays an essential role in the collaboration on both the national and international level. Representatives of the individual institutions share knowledge which often crucially affects the steps and decisions they subsequently take. The project has involved five Swiss and five key Czech film institutions and managed to arrange dozens of work meetings and to create a platform for fostering new partnerships. Despite differences in their operation structure with Swiss institutions focusing primarily on the regional level, whereas the Czech system is mainly centralised, their representatives often face similar problems; it is important to articulate the problems and to share possible solutions and reflect them in the international context,” said Tereza Swadoschová, the manager of DOC.STREAM Switzerland.

You can find more info about DOC.STREAM Switzerland project in press release attached.

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