Left, Right, Forward!

Kupředu levá, kupředu pravá

Kupředu levá, kupředu pravá

Script: Linda Jablonská
Photography: David Cysar
Editing: Jakub Voves
Sound: Ivan Horák
Color: Colour
Language: Czech

In November 2005 Linda Jablonská began filming a documentary about young people whose convictions lead them to become members of the Young Conservatives or the Communist Youth Union. The film traces their activities during an election year and through six individuals takes us inside the lives of people who are influenced by the uncritical acceptance of ideas or ideology. _ For young communists, the Communist Youth Union represents an island in the midst of the repellent waters of capitalism. Their counterparts search for the meaning of conservatism in the Czech Republic's post-communist environment. _ Some example members of the Communist Youth include a security-agency employee and member of the Society for Cuban-Czech Friendship, a pharmacy student, and a seventeen-year-old youth who was expelled from secondary school for bad behaviour. _ At the other end of the political spectrum, a political-science student and a student of political science and law compete for the post of chair of the Young Conservatives. One of their colleagues is already working in his father's law firm. _ This film has an important sociological dimension. It looks for similar general behaviour patterns within the framework of organisations, while at the same time managing to include portraits of individuals. The film's heroes are part of a family environment, and within their organisations is often where they often find their best friends and future spouses. All of them are a part of politics, and however much their ideological convictions are incompatible, they may one day be the country's leaders.

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Festival edition: 2006
Sections: Czech Joy
Awards: Audience Award
Exhibition format: BetaSP PAL
Subtitle languages: English


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