Ao redor do Brasil: Aspectos do interior e das fronteiras brasileiras

Ao redor do Brasil: Aspectos do interior e das fronteiras brasileiras

Napříč Brazílií: Obrazy z vnitrozemí a brazilských hranic

  • Luiz Thomas Reis
  • Brazil
  • 1932, 79 min
Photography: Luiz Thomas Reis
Editing: Luiz Thomas Reis
Color: Black and white

At the start of the 20th century the so-called Rondon Bureau launched its activities in Brazil. Its founder set himself an enormous task: connect the inland areas of Brazil by roads and telegraph lines to the Brazilian coast. Through the work of the bureau state administration expanded throughout the country and the national unit re-defined itself as encompassing also the indigenous populations. _ The bureau also contained a film commission, which in 1912 was headed by a military official named Luiz Thomaz Reis, who in 1917 set out on the first expedition to explore and film the life of Indian tribes. _ Reis became familiar with film cameras while in Paris, but he had to adapt some of his equipment to the demanding conditions of the individual expeditions. Technology and life in the rainforest also determined the strategy used to film, which depended entirely on the patience of the people who were encountering civilisation for the very first time. _ The films were intended to record unexplored locations, but they are interesting for the pioneering view of the indigenous peoples that Major Reis gradually came across, even though he was not always capable of ridding himself of the traditionally racist attitude of the conquerors. _ The film Ao redor do Brasil was created during the revolutionary year of 1930. And although it was commissioned by the military, it conveys the reality of indigenous cultures with an aesthetic so specific that it is considered one of the most distinct films in the history of ethnographic film.

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Festival edition: 2006
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