Film for Tom

Film for Tom

Film pro Toma

Photography: Stephen Connolly
Editing: Stephen Connolly
Sound: Stephen Connolly
Color: Colour
Language: English

The film was created out of footage shot during the year prior to one man's death, a man named Tom. Politics and aesthetics are the basic themes in the testimony of this man who had a significant influence on the director Stephen Connolly. The film is thus primarily a lyrical tribute, to which the photographs by Tom himself also help create. Running through the film there is a concern that the human spirit has an irrepressible inclination to give up on reflecting about the world, and in it the director re-examines the relationship between faith, history, politics, and the temporary illusion of immortality that is film.

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2006
Sections: Short Joy
Exhibition format: BetaSP PAL


The leitmotif of this year’s edition of the Ji.hlava IDFF will be memory