Grandmothers of Revolution

Babice revolucije

Babičky revoluce

Script: Petra Seliškar, Brand Ferro
Photography: Brand Ferro
Editing: Filip Grcevski
Sound: Vladimir Rakic
Color: Colour
Language: Slovenian

Each story of the documentary presents the struggle for a different idea: nationalism and communism. Combined, they create a chapter in the private history of the Slovenian director's family: after the war, her grandfather was sentenced for fighting against the guerrillas, the Macedonian grandmother of the director's husband speaks about his uncle killed during anti-regime demonstrations, while the other grandmother advocates the communist regime in Cuba where she is living. Visual meticulousness and inventive music add power to the memories reflecting 50 years of history of former Yugoslavia.

Festival edition: 2007
Sections: Beween the seas
Exhibition format: BetaCam PAL
Subtitle languages: English


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