Long Live the Whale

Vive la baleine

Ať žije velryba

  • Chris Marker, Mario Ruspoli
  • France
  • 1972, 30 min
Script: Chris Marker
Photography: Chris Marker
Editing: Chris Marker
Sound: Chris Marker
Color: Colour
Language: French

Every dying whale leaves a legacy - an image of our own death, the director wrote down while shooting another picture about whales and men together with Mario Ruspoli, this time within a new dimension represented by the rough whaling industry. It should be noted that Marker is unwilling to show major part of his production, not even as a part of a retrospective. Thus, his major film works remain unavailable, such as Sunday in Beijing (1956, enchanted by images of Chinese revolution), Letters from Siberia (1958, an ethnographical essay) or Cuba, si (1963, a film praised by the British Guardian as the most intimate report on vibes of Cuban revolution).

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Festival edition: 2007
Sections: Chris Marker
Exhibition format: 16 mm


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