Dead Man Walking

Povratak mrtvog čovjeka

Mrtvý muž přichází

Script: Petar Oresković
Photography: Hrvoje Franjić, Dinko Rupcić, Mak Vejzović
Editing: Ana Marija Sremec
Sound: Sinisha Jurićić, Petar Oresković
Color: Colour
Language: Croatian

One day, the Bosnian Himzo Muratović returned home. It was 12 years after he had been proclaimed dead as his Muslim village had been burned down by the Serbian paramilitary. The dead ended up in a mass grave and the memorial subsequently erected bears his name as well. The village celebrates his return but soon, questions arise: how come he has survived? Where has he been hiding? In a prisoner camp? In prison? Did he marry a Serb? The documentary film gradually reveals the secret of the dead man.

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Festival edition: 2007
Sections: Beween the seas
Exhibition format: VHS PAL
Subtitle languages: English


The leitmotif of this year’s edition of the Ji.hlava IDFF will be memory