9 Square Meters For Two

9m2 pour deux

Devět metrů čtverečních pro dva

  • Jimmy Glasberg
  • France
  • 2005, 94 min
Script: Jimmy Glasberg, Joseph Cesarini
Photography: Jimmy Glasberg, Joseph Cesarini
Editing: Roger Ikhlef
Sound: Pierre Armand
Color: Colour
Language: French

Ten people join an extraordinary project held in the Beaumettes Prison in Marseilles, France. They learn how to use a small digital camera (and the basic art of composing film-shots) and go to live in a replica of a prison cell, taking video of prisoners' life for eleven months. The prison rules are observed but the instructions of the working group have to be followed, too. The film provides a unique insight into prison life, at the same time making you think about the paradoxical way reality can be presented as the film is partly fiction by modelling reality in order to analyse it.

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2007
Sections: Special event
Exhibition format: 35 mm
Subtitle languages: English


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