Vida Loca

Vida Loca

Vida Loca

  • Stefania Andreotti
  • Italy
  • 2007, 24 min
Script: Stefania Andreotti, Giuseppe Petruzzellis
Photography: Stefania Andreotti
Editing: Giuseppe Petruzzellis
Sound: Giuseppe Petruzzellis
Music: Demon Doctor,Harold Bermudez Burgos, 4c3, Solcarlus, Amnis, [dk], Vate
Color: Colour
Language: Spanish

Drugs, prison, and death are just three alternatives faced by children in the street gangs of Latin American and US cities, who wage a daily struggle to survive in the midst of robberies and murder. They form the subject of this film, which maps the life of the gangs Mara Salvatrucha 13 and 18 Street Xv3, rapidly expanding multinational organisations that, with their special brand of cruelty, compete with each other in drug smuggling, weapons sales, and human trafficking.

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Festival edition: 2008
Sections: Short Joy
Exhibition format: BetaSP PAL
Subtitle languages: English


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