Lourdes and Its Miracles

Lourdes et ses miracles

Lurdy a jejich zázraky

  • Georges Rouquier
  • France
  • 1955, 84 min
Script: Georges Rouquier
Photography: Albert Viguier
Editing: Simone du Bron
Color: Black and white
Language: French

This documentary about the origin and meaning of the unprovable, yet impossible-to-ignore phenomenon of miracles studies cases of miraculous healing, shows a pilgrims' day, the motion of people and shadows, the hush noise and silence between prayers and being aware of Pascal's words that "proofs exist only of those who already believe", enters the mystery.

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Les Documents Cinématographiques / Brigitte Berg / Paris / France / bberg@lesdocs.com
Festival edition: 2009
Sections: Georges Rouquier
Exhibition format: 35 mm


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