Führerbunker: Tourists, Neo-nazis, And Others 30 April 2009

Führerbunker: touristen, neo-nazis, und andere 30 April 2009

Vůdcův bunkr: Turisté, neonacisté a ostatní 30. dubna 2009

Script: James T. Hong, Yin-Ju Chen
Photography: James T. Hong, Yin-Ju Chen
Editing: James T. Hong, Yin-Ju Chen
Sound: James T. Hong, Yin-Ju Chen
Music: James T. Hong, Yin-Ju Chen
Color: Colour
Language: German

This video documentary follows the commotion at the location where Hitler's bunker used to stand, where the head of the Great German Empire (and Eva Braun) committed suicide on April 30, 1945 adding this date to the schedule of today's worshipers of the Nazi ideology.

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James T. Hong / Storkwinkel 12 / 10711 / Berlin / USA / +49 308 914 515 / zukunftsmusik@gmail.com / www.zukunftsmusik.com
Festival edition: 2009
Sections: Short Joys
Exhibition format: DV PAL
Subtitle languages: English


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