action: study

action: study

akce: studie

  • Richard Kerr
  • Canada
  • 2008, 5 min
Photography: Richard Kerr
Editing: Zoe Mapp
Sound: Zoe Mapp
Color: Black and white

Light as a synonym for white colour shows and conceals man against the background of water surface, which is a fundamental layer of meaning creating the underlying base for a multitude of meanings (stemming from experience in the history of experimental film), blended into the principal theme of identity of water (sea) and human existence.

Photo Gallery

CjCinema / 1 rue Charles Garnier / 93 400 / Mains d‘oeuvres – atelier 11 / France /+330 140 118 447 / / /
Festival edition: 2009
Sections: Fascination
Exhibition format: DV PAL


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