Heel, Toe, Step together

Heel, Toe, Step together

Pata, špička, přísun

Language: English

Th e documentary Heel, Toe, Step Together tells the story of two people who met randomly at a marketplace in East London; the unusual friendship was born out of dancing. Bob Hill, 86, has been dancing since the age of 16. Katie Burningham, 28, is a radio director and – as she self-critically admits – a very bad dancer. Bob
and Katie met randomly one day, shortly after the death of Bob’s wife Iris. Three years have passed since that time, and Katie still attends Bob’s dancing lessons.


Autor, Režie / Author, Director – Katie Burningham

Produkce / Producer – BBC Radio 4

Koprodukce / Coproducing Organisation – EBU Master School

Účinkující / Actors – Bob Hill

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Festival edition: 2011
Sections: Radiodocumentary
29.10.2011 10:30


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