Lack of Evidence

Manque de preuves

Nedostatek důkazů

  • Hayoun Kwon
  • France
  • 2011, 9 min
Photography: Oh eun LEE, Guillaume Brault
Editing: Hayoun Kwon, Oh eun LEE
Music: Scanner
Color: Colour
Language: French

FilmREFUGEE portrays the fate of a man who managed to escape metaphysical perdition, but who remains powerless against European bureaucracy. In Nigeria, twins can be a blessing or a curse. The cursed face ritual death and can save themselves only by running away. When one of them manages to escape and requests asylum in France, his application is denied for lack of evidence.

Photo Gallery

Hayoun Kwon
Festival edition: 2011
Sections: Short joy
Exhibition format: DigiBeta PAL
Subtitle languages: English, German, Spanish


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