A Day in Barbagia

Un giorno in Barbagia

Jeden den v Barbagii

  • Paolo Benzi
  • Italy
  • 1958, 10 min
Photography: Vittorio de Seta
Color: Colour
Language: Italian

FilmWOMEN was made in Barbagia, a rocky region in the middle of Sardinia, where most men from local villages spend most of their time with their herds far from their families. The houses are left to the women, who take care of children, work in the fields, gather wood and bake bread, the herdsmen’s meal. Filmed in villages at the ends of steep, unpaved roads, the film reminds of the women’s lot, their patience and quiet devotion.

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Festival edition: 2011
Sections: Translucent Being Vittorio De Seta
Exhibition format: 35 mm
Subtitle languages: English


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