Christian Feasts / Secular Feasts

Fiestas cristianas / Fiestas profanas

Křesťanské oslavy/ Pohanské oslavy

  • José Val del Omar
  • Spain
  • 1935, 51 min
Photography: José Val del Omar
Editing: José Val del Omar
Sound: José Val del Omar
Color: Black and white
Language: Spanish

FilmINVOCATION combines several film reels that Val del Omar shot in Murcia in collaboration with other filmmakers as part of the Educational Missions. From the film’s point of view, Holy Week and the spring feast are clear ethnographic subjects, but we can nevertheless identify Val del Omar’s poetic signature, including his unusual angles, the decomposition of light into rays, and his rhythmic circular motion.

Photo Gallery

Piluca Baquero
Festival edition: 2011
Sections: José val del Omar
Exhibition format: DVD PAL


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