Colony (episode 1, season 1)

Colony (episode 1, season 1)

Kolonie (epizoda 1, řada 1)

Language: English

1 surviving ? 2 post-apocalyptic TV ? 3 civilization: new beginning ? 4 constructive and destructive forces ? 5 economic, social, and intellectual isolation ? 6 struggle and victory, game and payoff ? 7 opinions of psychologists, doctors, engineers, security experts ? 8 stressful situations in a prefabricated struggle for survival ? 9 pop-cultural cannibalism arises from a shared sense of danger ? 10 working together to protect both the individual and the collective

20 The gruesome results of global catastrophe and subsequent difficulties of survival are brought to life in this "sci-fi" series whose protagonists are forced to survive in a world without electricity and running water, in a constant struggle to find food.

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Festival edition: 2010
Exhibition format: DigiBeta PAL


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