Man and His Shadow

Muž a stín

Muž a stín

Script: Jaroslav Šikl
Photography: Josef Pešek
Editing: Vlasta Styblíková
Music: Rostislav Valčík
Language: Czech

1 anti-communist 2 post-1948 exile 3 fake papers, pistol 4 crossing the impermeable border 5 emigration: chance to live freely 6 returning to totalitarianism gives freedom meaning 7 when one's home country becomes enemy territory 8 different approaches to anti-communist resistance: unreconciled and unreconcilable 9 official film, hate-filled portrait of opponent of communist regime 10 paradoxically, a film with such bad intentions shows his heroism 20 Ota Rambousek - political prisoner and political activist, author of the first book about the Mašín brothers (Just No Fear) - was such a thorn in the communist regime's side that it decided to make a movie about him.

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Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Into History Cruel-joyful 1950s
Exhibition format: 35 mm


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