Coach Trip (episode 29, season 3)

Coach Trip (episode 29, season 3)

Autobusový zájezd (epizoda 29, řada 3)

Language: English

1 trip ? 2 voting, eliminating ? 3 clear cultural symbols ? 4 another form of tourism ? 5 love, hatred on the bus ? 6 collective adventure: more than mere travelogue ? 7 a collage of various experiences and observations ? 8 encountering the way of life in different countries ? 9 documentary report from journey as snapshot of contemporary Europe ? 10 original setup develops through discovery of participants' personalities and spontaneity

20 This show, which takes a light-hearted look at cultural differences, was filmed as a competitive expedition by British tourists, with some episodes of the third series taking place in the Czech Republic (Prague, Mariánské Lázně, Český Krumlov).

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Festival edition: 2010
Exhibition format: DigiBeta PAL


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