Majjudo (Lost Man)

Majjudo (L'homme perdu)

Majjudo (Ztracený člověk)

  • Laurent Van Lancker
  • Belgium
  • 2009, 31 min
Language: Wolof

1 Senegal ? 2 spirits, darkness ? 3 shadows without home ? 4 dance, music, electroacoustic sound ? 5 imaginations combining body and soul ? 6 impressionist mixture of Super-8, video, photographs ? 7 anthropological vision, showing people in their entirety ? 8 synchronous/diachronous analysis of human thoughts and behavior ? 9 using imagination to study man and understand the world ? 10 lost man: he who leaves dying fire without his torchlight

20 The moving camera of Brussels-based director and anthropologist Van Lancker captures the nighttime dancing and music of the fire in an intense sensory poem, an example of experimental ethnography.

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Savage Mind
Exhibition format: BetaSP PAL
Subtitle languages: English


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