I Am Lost to the World

Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen

Ztratil jsem se světu

  • Ichiro Sueoka
  • Japan
  • 2003, 7 min

1decay ? 2 Friedrich Rückert ? 3 sorrow from loss ? 4 a rapidly disintegrating romanticism ? 5 internal, external dying of matter

20 An amateur film from Kyoto from the year 1934 includes various visual subjects: masses of people exercising, beach scenes, a visit to a graveyard, all transformed by the filmmaker to create visual proof for the decay of filmic memory.

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Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Fascinations: Retrospective Ichiro Sueoka
Exhibition format: 16 mm


The leitmotif of this year’s edition of the Ji.hlava IDFF will be memory