Black Panthers

Black Panthers

Black Panthers

  • Agnès Varda
  • France
  • 1968, 28 min
Color: Colour

This documentary was made in the Summer of 1968 during meetings organised by the Black Panthers, demanding the release of Huey Newton, one of the leaders of this radical organisation. Besides precisely documenting the events, the film shows issues of racism, social stratification and truth within a secluded social system. Varda made this film in co-operation with students from the university in Berkeley. Thanks to the aid of a lawyer they managed to interview the arrested Newton as well as several students, giving voice to various radical opinions and the Black Panthers' programme. American televisions refused to broadcast this film, arguing that it was not objective, and French television did not want to stir up further conflict with students after the Paris disturbances of that spring.

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Festival edition: 2001
Sections: Průhledné bytosti: Agnès Vardová


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