Poznámky k africké Orestei

Notes Towards an African Orestes

Poznámky k africké Orestei

  • Pier Paolo Pasolini
  • Italy
  • 1968, 70 min
Script: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Color: Black and white

Through the few documentaries of his, Pasolini explores the connection between natural language and the language of film. Of the vast, practically unlimited number of objects that can be captured on film he chooses a limited vocabulary of elementary units of film language. Pasolini calls these units 'cinemes' according to basic linguistic units. The choice of a cineme by itself can guarantee the aesthetic effect of a film. However, there are still some historical and ethnic limitations which he researches by connecting a European myth with African ritual culture.

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Festival edition: 2001
Sections: Průhledné bytosti: Pier Paolo Pasolini


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