Poznámky z cesty k filmu o Indii

Notes Towards a Film On a Journey to India

Poznámky z cesty k filmu o Indii

  • Pier Paolo Pasolini
  • Italy
  • 1967, 33 min
Script: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Color: Black and white

Pasolini's poetic travelogues consisting of the author's witty narration and sensitively captured images are reminiscent of notes taken from instant inspiration rather than sophisticated composition. Notes, which was filmed during the director's visit to several Indian towns and provinces in the winter of 1967/68, is a reflection on culture, on the extraordinary imagery of ancient art, on local rituals and on the position of socialist ideas in the rapidly developing country. The confrontation of a highly hierarchical society with the colonial and industrial experience is for Pasolini a model for sudden historical liberation.

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Festival edition: 2001
Sections: Průhledné bytosti: Pier Paolo Pasolini


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