Q'eswachaka, Zlatý most

Q'eswachaka, the Golden Bridge

Q'eswachaka, Zlatý most

  • Jorge Carmona Del Solar
  • Peru
  • 2000, 25 min
Script: Jorge Carmona Del Solar
Color: Colour

Apurimac (God that Speaks) is a sacred river of the Incas. Its spring in the Andes is 5,000 metres above sea level and every year, when the snows melt, it divides the land into two. Every year the men from four indigenous communities have to build a bridge across the river, their only link to each other. The film documents the whole year of preparations, an inherited ritual tradition. A bridge suspended above the river is a sophisticated construction; first the native people have to pick a large enough amount of very strong grass that grows in the Andes, which they use for making the thick ropes out of which the bridge is constructed. The filmmaker manages to show various perspectives on the building of bridges, a magic symbol in all civilisations.

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Festival edition: 2001
Sections: Bedekr


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