Waiting for Darong Bawan

Čekání na Darong Bawana

Čekání na Darong Bawana

Language: Czech

1 Bandjermasin ? 2 Kalimantan capital ? 3 houses on floats ? 4 canals of filthy water ? 5 port city at river mouth ? 6 sickly children, opium smokers, tubercular men ? 7 painted boats with carved bows and girls ? 8 cruising through abysmal poverty, people living in it ? 9 city where people remember Dutch soldiers firing at women ? 10 the giant Darong Bawana brings luck to those born free

20 A poetic journey along a side-canal in the town of Bandjermasin on the island of Borneo captures life in Indonesia several years following the fall of the Dutch colonial power.

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Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Pavel Hobl
Exhibition format: 35 mm


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