Land of Milk and Honey

Pays de cocagne

Zaslíbená země

  • Pierre Etaix
  • France
  • 1971, 80 min
Language: French

1 circus ? 2 Fratellini family ? 3 summer of 1969 ? 4 Etaix: clown, music-hall comedian ? 5 the comedian in documentary film ? 6 a reportage on early consumer society ? 7 reality transformed into a series of gags ? 8 observant mocking camera captures “people from the street” ? 9 film's subjects: eroticism, artistic success, advertising, singers, interpersonal relationships ? 10 unsettling images of everyday life show modern employees as gluttons

20 This joyful documentary, shot during a circus tour, uses surveys and ironic observations to show the habits of Frenchmen who spend their holidays at the beach.

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Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Day for Audiovisual Heritage
Exhibition format: 16 mm
Subtitle languages: English


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