After the revolution

Dupa revolutie

Po revoluci

  • Laurentiu Calciu
  • Romania
  • 2010, 83 min
Language: Romanian, English

1 revolution - 2 overflowing streets 3 conflicting of ideas 4 disappointment and public mistrust 5 remorse, search for political purity 6 public psychoanalysis of an entire nation 7 watching the birth of civic society, live 8 the fine line that separates production from destruction 9 hysterical shouting, name-calling, shoving matches, aggression, an explosive mob 10 raw revolution: between total chaos and the creation of order

20 Shortly after the end of the Ceaucescu regime, Romania is a country filled with emotions and excitement, a country in search of a democratic government that the people can trust; but how to find someone not tainted by the past?

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Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Between the Seas
Exhibition format: BetaCam PAL


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