Path of Victory

Viaje triunfal del apóstol de la democracia, Francisco I. Madero

Vítězná cesta

  • Salvador Toscano
  • Mexico
  • 1911, 26 min

1 celebrations ? 2 human masses ? 3 politician's cult status ? 4 silent microcosm of world ? 5 invisible director who filmed revolution ? 6 film's importance determined by socio-political context ? 7 time appraises film, significance arises with time ? 8 houses, faces, gestures - the imprint of one day ? 9 seemingly insignificant details offer information hidden below the surface ? 10 (1913, two years later: President Madero assassinated during ongoing revolution)

20 This film, which records the arrival of the recently elected president to the capital city, was filmed by film pioneer Salvador Toscano, whose filmed reports form a remarkable chronicle of the Mexican Revolution.

Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Day for Audiovisual Heritage
Exhibition format: 35 mm


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