CERN or the Factory for Absolute

CERN aneb Továrna na absolutno

CERN aneb Továrna na absolutno

Language: Czech, English, French

1 scientists ? 2 particle accelerator ? 3 the film's pacing ? 4 logic of scientific arguments ? 5 changing approach to popular science ? 6 includes social science, politics, cultural history ? 7 a meditation on the nature of science ? 8 an artwork in an age of instant reproduction ? 9 physicists at CERN: hundreds of universities, dozens of nationalities ? 10 what is matter, what is the composition of physical objects

20 A unique look inside the CERN particle physics laboratory provides viewers with scientific information without forgetting about its social, institutional and philosophical contexts.

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Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Your Home Festival
Exhibition format: DVD PAL
Subtitle languages: Czech


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