Metrobranding - A Love Story Between Men and Objects


Metrobranding - Rumunské předměty touhy

  • Adrian Voicu, Ana Vlad
  • Romania
  • 2010, 92 min
Script: Ana Vlad, Adrian Voicu
Photography: Adrian Voicu
Editing: Roxana Szel
Sound: Roxana Szel
Music: Pompilia Stoian
Color: Colour
Language: Romanian

1 monopoly 2 no competition 3 communism versus capitalism 4 towns created by factories 5 golden age of Romanian industrialization 6 dust-covered items stored inside a closet 7 capitalist market: factories decline or shut down 8 outside the window: crumbling buildings, gray cement walls 9 mattresses, running shoes, bicycles, motorcycles, light bulbs, sewing machines 10 remembering a world where all brands offered only one choice 20 The communist ideology of “everything for all to the same extent” led to the bizarre urge to produce just one specimen of every product - a film about how people lived in a world without advertising, where things either were or weren't.

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Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Between the Seas
Exhibition format: HDTV (HDCam)
Subtitle languages: English


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