Earthlings, Who are You Voting for?

Pozemšťané, koho budete volit?

Pozemšťané, koho budete volit?

Language: Czech

1 creativity

2 political correctness

3 a mental handicap

4 orientation in public space

5 a steadfast look at society

6 the filmmaker: sensitivity, curiosity, and audacity

7 what prejudices are ingrained in Czech society

8 even those who aren't “normal” have political opinions

9 filming surveys with citizens and politicians on unusual subjects

10 external cameras recorded response by politicians' bodyguards - supporters and opponents

20 In a documentary workshop organized by the Inventura civic association and led by filmmaker Linda Jablonská, people with mental handicaps covered the parliamentary elections, attended election rallies, and filmed surveys and interviews.

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Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Workshop Linda Jablonská
Awards: Audience Award
Exhibition format: DigiBeta PAL


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