Czech Peace

Český mír

Český mír

Language: Czech, English

1 radar 2 peaceful landscape 3 America in Bohemia 4 rural inhabitants rise up 5 woods: target of political marketing 6 military police alters the locality's relevance 7 media war between politicians and engaged citizens 8 opponents' discursive weapons grow more sophisticated and louder 9 global issues of international pacifists made tangible in Bohemia 10 Bush replaced by Obama, barbed wire has to come down

The army occupies a hilltop, reserving it for an American radar system promoted by Czech politicians and rejected by much of society, while the local inhabitants look for ways of protecting the place where they live.

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Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Czech Joy
Exhibition format: 35 mm
Subtitle languages: English


The leitmotif of this year’s edition of the Ji.hlava IDFF will be memory