Script: Susana de Sousa Dias
Photography: O. E. Santo
Editing: S. Dias
Sound: A. Carvalho
Music: A. Dias
Color: Black and white
Language: Portuguese

1 arrest 2 interrogation, imprisonment 3 photographs: inner monologues 4 a suffocating audio track 5 the anthropometrics of political opponents 6 experiment transformed into an ethical attack 7 visual standards of mug shot: front-view, profile 8 regime supported by church, army, corporations, secret police 9 film of photographs a somnambulant gateway to cruel reality 10 a purely aesthetic film presenting the stories of political prisoners 20 The silent dictator Salazar ruled Portugal and its colonies for 48 years - the director takes testimony of years of imprisonment, as told by victims of the regime, and innovatively combines it with photographs from the archives of the secret police, the PIDE.

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2010
Sections: Opus bonum
Awards: Best World Documentary Film
Exhibition format: DigiBeta PAL
Subtitle languages: English


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