Litany of Happy People

Zdravi ljudi za razonodu

Zdraví lidé se baví

  • Karpo Godina
  • 1971, 14 min
Script: Karpo Godina
Photography: Karpo Godina
Editing: Karpo Godina
Music: Vranjesević brothers
Color: Colour

This originally censored musical film is a satirical depiction of the inhabitants of Vojvodina, a rural region of Serbia characterized by its multi-ethnic population. Although it won two awards in Oberhausen, it was banned in Yugoslavia and Godina was long prevented from making experimental film.

„I have always tried to find a new language or a form to implement into the film.” K. Godina


Slovenian cinematographer and director Karpo Godina (1943) is one of the most important representatives of Yugoslavia’s “Black Wave”. He became interested in film as an amateur at an early age, but he made his best-known works, which were characterized by a light sense of irony and carefully composed static shots, as a professional in the 1970s.

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Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Conference Fascinations, Masterclass
Premiere Type: Czech Premieres
Exhibition format: DCP
26.10.2017Dukla Edison 16:30


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