Masterclass Karel Vachek: How Vachek films Communism

Masterclass Karel Vachek: Jak Vachek točí Komunismus

Masterclass Karel Vachek: Jak Vachek točí Komunismus

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Language: Czech

Professor Karel Vachek (1940), the doyen of Czech documentary film and the last active member of the New Wave, is filming his latest cinematic novel, which has the working title Communism. In his film, he argues that revolutions are always followed by the restoration of the old order, and that power and wealth continue to be held by just a select few. Vachek guides the viewer through a collage of his personal memories, framed by scenes from his films, costume designs and news archives. During his lecture, he will show a roughly one-hour excerpt of recently edited scenes and will engage in audience discussion. And perhaps he will reveal whether he has managed to convince actress Jiřina Bohdalová to participate in his project.

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Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Masterclass
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28.10.2017DIOD 18:30


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