Film as an Art Object. The Films of Stanislav Hora, 1980–2016

Film jako výtvarný objekt. Filmy Stanislava Hory z let 1980–2016

Film jako výtvarný objekt. Filmy Stanislava Hory z let 1980–2016

  • 0, 90 min
Language: Czech
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The little-known Super 8mm films of Stanislav Hora (1959) from the 1980s are a little studied area of artistic film in our country. With his background in sculpture, Hora approaches film more as an artistic material – he uses it to animate the creation of sculptures, he draws on it, scratches and attacks its surface or uses it as a medium for art happenings. For Hora, film is a tool for expanding his artistic practice into other forms, a means for capturing visual processes or a kind of sculptural object. The Ji.hlava screenings are the premiere of newly digitized versions.

Curator and author of the texts: Martin Blažíček (CAS FAMU)
Digital reconstruction of the films: Lukáš Janičík, Emiliya Vereshchagina
Audio mastering: Sara Pinheiro

The films of Stanislav Hora were reconstructed at FAMU’s Centre for Audiovisual Studies thanks to the Academy of Performing Art’s institutional support for long-term conceptual development.

Czechoslovakia, 1980, 6 min.

Černý hadice / Black Hose
Czechoslovakia, 1982, 3 min.

Dobře posazená figura / Well-Positioned Model
Czechoslovakia, 1987, 3 min.

Oko / Eye
Czechoslovakia, 1987, 1 min.

Pavouk / Spider
Czechoslovakia, 1987, 4 min.

Kameny / Stones
Czechoslovakia, 1987, 4 min.

Fragment II – West Berlin
Czechoslovakia, 1989, 6 min.

Czech Republic, 2016, 5 min.

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Festival edition: 2017
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