Babatu and the Three Councils

Babatu. Les 3 conseils

Babatu: tři rady

Photography: Djingareï Maïga, Jean Rouch, Moustapha Alassane
Editing: Christine Lefort, Mona Fillières, Mariama Hima
Sound: Moussa Hamidou
Music: Dyeliba Badye, Daouda Kante
Actors, social actors: Damouré Zika, Lam Ibrahim Dia, Tallou Mouzourane, Oumarou Ganda, Moustapha Alassane, Dioulde Laya, Daouda Diarra
Color: Colour
Language: French

Rouch’s only film (and the only from Niger) to ever be shown in official competition at the Cannes Film Festival. A look at historical events from the second half of the 19th century, the film is partially an improvised retelling of the life of the famous warrior Babatu. After seven years, one of his soldiers returns from war with three pieces of advice...

“It is a film about slave wars, and they are properly shown as such. For me, the point of the film is clear: it is an indictment of war, even if this kind of war is actually less bloody than the one the Europeans later brought to the region.” J. Rouch

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Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Translucent Being: Jean Rouch
Premiere Type: Czech Premiere
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: English
28.10.2017Dukla Reform 21:00


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