Cousin, Cousine

Cousin, cousine

Bratranec, sestřenice

Script: Jean Rouch, Damouré Zika, Mariama Hima
Photography: Jean Rouch
Editing: Jean Rouch
Sound: Jean Rouch
Actors, social actors: <span>Damouré Zika, Mariama Hima</span>
Producer, Co-producer: Jean Rouch
Color: Colour
Language: French

Mariama and Damouré find themselves in Venice, where they look for a relic or fetish that has been lost here a long time ago, like in one of Gentile Bellini’s famous paintings. Mariama also shows her cousin a workshop where gondolas are made, and they talk about the strange Venetians who live on the water.

This little play was made in Venice, when Jean Rouch and several friends were there to present the film Falaw (dir. Mariama Hima). In it, Rouch returns to the Dogon people and their god of thunder. “Film should be an unsettling object that we send into orbit.” J. Rouch

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CENTRE NATIONAL DU CINÉMA ET DE L`IMAGE ANIMÉE / Caroline Patte / 7 bis rue Alexandre Turpault / 78390 / Bois d'Arcy / France / /

Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Translucent Being: Jean Rouch
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: English
Simultaneous interpreting: CZ
29.10.2017DIOD 10:00


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