The Punishment, or: The Bad Encounters

La punition ou les mauvaises rencontres

Trest aneb Špatné známosti

  • Jean Rouch
  • France
  • 1962, 60 min
Script: Jean Rouch
Photography: Michel Brault , Roger Morillère, Georges Dufault
Editing: Annie Tresgot
Sound: Roger Morillère
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
Actors, social actors: <span>Nadine Ballot, Jean-Claude Darnal, Jean-Marie Simon, Modeste Landry</span>
Color: Black and white
Language: French

Punishment is a forgotten gem, shot using a light camera and natural sound. It tells the story of a modern Nadja wandering Paris to the sound of Bach and quotations from Baudelaire and the Marquis de Sade – film in three improvised acts with a Canadian direct cinema crew.

“The Punishment was a disaster. Let’s be objective: it is a bad film… But Rouch get great joy working with film, and what is so wonderful about his work is that this joy shows. Despite all those defects and all those dregs, he is a great filmmaker.” P. Braunberger

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CENTRE NATIONAL DU CINÉMA ET DE L`IMAGE ANIMÉE / Caroline Patte / 7 bis rue Alexandre Turpault / 78390 / Bois d'Arcy / France / /

Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Translucent Being: Jean Rouch
Premiere Type: Czech Premiere
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: English
Simultaneous interpreting: CZ
29.10.2017DIOD 10:00


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