Slav Epic Complex

Komplex Epopeje

Komplex Epopeje

Photography: Filip Marek
Editing: Michal Bohm
Sound: Matous Sys, Jakub Jurásek
Producer, Co-producer: Jakub Wagner
Color: Colour
Language: Czech, Japanese, German

A fantastic epic. A nationalist construct. Ideal for taking a selfie. A bunch of paint on a canvas that belongs on the junk heap. Anachronism. A transcendental experience. Working with the playfulness of the cinematic medium, the filmmaker takes us on a tour of the serious world of art, and gives voice to a theorist, an art restorer, a philosopher and a Japanese fan of Mucha.


Jan Strejcovský is a student at FAMU’s department of documentary film. The Ji.hlava IDFF showed his previous student films Igor’s Great Emotion (2012) and Impotence of Power (2014) in the years they were made.

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JAKUB WAGNER / Pohořelec 16 / 111800 / Prague / Czech Republic / +420 776 329 183 /
Festival edition: 2017
Sections: A Testimony on Knowledge
Premiere Type: World Premiere
Exhibition format: Video File
Subtitle languages: Czech
Simultaneous interpreting: CZ
27.10.2017Dělnický dům 17:00


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard