Letter from the Ivory Coast

Dopis z Pobřeží slonoviny

Dopis z Pobřeží slonoviny

Script: Jean Rouch
Color: Colour
Language: Czech

Jean Rouch never made a film called Letter from the Ivory Coast. Although it was presented in Czechoslovakia as one of his works, it was a fictional documentary made by editing his feature-length film I, a Negro, which the era’s communist ideologists apparently found insufficiently “progressive”.

“A documentary film about the life and living conditions of young black men in the port city of Abidjan on the west coast of Africa. Enter the film in the 1959 Catalogue of Short Films, category: geographical films and political documentaries.” (Filmový přehled 8/1962)


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Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Translucent Being: Jean Rouch
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: Czech
Simultaneous interpreting: CZ
26.10.2017DKO I 09:30


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