Script: Pavel Křemen
Photography: Robert Novák, Marek Kořínek, Pavel Křemen
Editing: Hana Dvořáčková
Sound: Marek Kořínek
Producer, Co-producer: Pavel Křemen (REALFILM PRODUCTION s.r.o)
Color: Colour
Language: Czech

As the main representative of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, Milouš Jakeš was the most powerful man in the country. At ninety years old, he still evokes strong reactions in society today. The director joins Jakeš on a look back at his life, from his beginnings at the Baťa Works until his final expulsion from the party. The film is interspersed with period footage of anti-government protests being put down, and the former general secretary is also confronted with former dissidents or their descendants. This documentary portrait shows an almost ascetic old man with firm convictions regarding the rightness of the old order, which suited his austere nature.

“Alone like an abandoned dog.” P. Křemen


In his films, Czech documentarian Pavel Křemen (1965) creates portraits of important personalities and explores his country’s totalitarian past. These include a documentary about the first post-1989 director of Czech Television, Pravda Fairaizlova (2005), and the television film The Unknown Well-Known Miloš Kopecký (1999). His other television work includes collaboration on the series 13. komnata.

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REALFILM PRODUCTION s.r.o / Pavel Křemen / Kaplická 14 / 170 00 / Prague / Czech Republic / +420 608 028 608 /
Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Czech Joy
Premiere Type: World Premiere
Awards: Czech Joy Student Jury Award
Exhibition format: Video File
25.10.2017DKO II 20:30
27.10.2017Grand Hall HDJ 10:00


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